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Nate Lee, LLC

Nate Lee, LLC

Cane Ridge, United States · 3 items

How to Play a Solo On a Song You've Never Heard Before - HD Video Download

Would you like to pick with the cats? Jam with abandon? Play a solo on a song you’ve never heard before?

Join Nate and his students to unlock the secrets to improvisation in a few easy steps. You will quickly learn to improvise on unfamiliar songs as you play along with a variety of chord progressions – jamming with Nate and his students and taking a solo every time you get “the nod”.

You will have the opportunity to join in the fun and play along as each step is introduced with verbal instructions, player’s view camera shots, and a demonstration. If you like to learn from written music, you can follow along using the provided booklet written in tablature and musical notation.

Tune up and put on your picking face because your solo is next!

For beginning improvisers.

1 MP4, 2 JPG and 1 PDF
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